SROC 2 day CCV team trial postponed until 2021

Whilst the news that Motorsport UK is looking to restart motorsport in the UK from 1st July is fantastic news, SROC does not feel that the restrictions will have been lifted enough to allow our 2-Day CCV Team Trial to run. Events may start in July, but these will be with restrictions; neither passengers nor spectators will be allowed, no vehicle sharing and events laid out to avoid risk to name but a few. With the 2-Day being one of the premier events on the ALRC calendar, we do not feel what is a team event can run and do it’s challenging nature justice. Added to this it is unlikely overnight stays will be allowed by then and there is also the morality of encouraging people to travel around the country whilst we are all still dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

We have therefore decided to postpone this year’s event until next year, 7th & 8th August 2021 when we will return to Knowle Farm for two days of great trialling. Please keep an eye on our website in the new year for the SR’s and entry, or email the Event Director at and ask to be sent a copy when they are published.

Although this will be disappointing to those of you that have tried the event and know how good it is, we hope you will agree that it is the responsible decision.

MSUK permit suspension to 30th June

Motorsport UK Extends Suspension of Motorsport Permits to 30th June

Tuesday 24 March 2020

In light of recent developments in the COVID-19 crisis, and following the address to the nation by the Prime Minister on the evening of 23rd March, Motorsport UK has today extended its suspension of all organising permits and Certificates of Exemption for motorsport events until at least 30th June.

This move provides clear guidance to event organisers, venues, competitors, officials and volunteer marshals of the role that Motorsport UK must play in supporting the broader UK public health agenda.

In recent days the feedback from our members and the community was a need for increased clarity to allow them to plan appropriately and, should the need arise, put in place necessary contingency measures.

Motorsport UK Chairman, David Richards explained, “Motorsport UK has a vital role to play with its community in re-inforcing that, at this time of national emergency, we must all stay at home to play our part in protecting the NHS and ultimately saving lives.  Today, the government have required that we effectively lock-down for a period of three weeks, however given that the most vulnerable in our society are required to isolate for three months, it is evident that the most responsible course of action was to propose a longer suspension of our sport.  When we reflect back on this time, it will be a brief, but vital, hiatus from our everyday motorsport life and we must put this in perspective.  This is a time of national unity and we need to come together with the broader public community to do all we can to support this battle and ultimately save lives.”

Motorsport UK will continue to monitor the prevailing advice from the UK Government in respect of the COVID-19 international pandemic and will update the motorsport community accordingly.

ELRC at Bilsington 12th April + National Rally end May – CANCELLED

The Recce and RTV for Essex Club members at Bilsington on 11th/12th April, have been cancelled, due to the suspension of all permits by Motorsport UK in light of Covid 19

Please be aware that the ALRC National Rally has also been cancelled until 2021 and will be held at Bilsington. I personally have still agreed to set and run the RTV.  I will discuss this with committee and members when events resume.




omp Sec

invitation to C&DLRC event 15/16 August

Dear All

Cornwall and Devon LRC are organising an new inter-club called Hittisleigh Big Weekender. This will comprise of  CCV and RTV on the Saturday and a Comp on the Sunday and is to be held on the 15th and 16th of August at East Church Farm, Hittisleigh, Devon EX6 6LF.

Entry form and ASR’s will follow at a later date.

Kind regards


Motorsport UK changes – Competitive license requirement

– If you haven’t received your MSUK RS Clubman license before the first event, please bring along a printed copy of either the temporary license emailed by MSUK or the email acknowledgement of the application. If you have received neither prior to the event, and you applied more than 15 working days ago, please contact the MSUK Membership Services Team on 01753 765050 for advice.

MSUK will require all drivers and passengers age 18 and over to hold an RS Clubman license from 1st Jan 2020. The license is free, no picture required and no medical required if you are fit to drive.
Its straight forward if you are a British citizen. If you are not you will require an  authorisation from your National body.

This can be done online at 

or this is a link is to printable form and  03_CLUBMAN_FORM  

Despite the increase in MSUK permit fees the committee decided to keep fees for competitive entry as they are until the AGM in June. Members will have to discuss and vote on any change in event entry fees, as per club rules at the AGM.

Mark Pycraft            Comp-Sec

PLEASE check this link for more info, which will answer a lot of questions

Below is the letter MUK want sent to all competitive members.