Motorsport UK changes in fees and competitive license UPDATE with Q+A link.

Hi All

I have received a communication from MUK re changes in permit fees and new license requirements. Shockingly they have increased fees by 60% and will charge the club £9.85 for a permit fee per driver for  untimed Cross Country events at clubman level. Comp Safari and Team Rec are £13.25.  This has a huge effect on costs for the club and drivers.

The committee decided to keep fees for competitive entry as they are until the AGM in June, when members will have to discuss and vote on any change in event entry fees as per club rules.

With regard to licenses, everyone, including passengers will be required to have an RS clubmans license in order to take part in a trial event, on top of your membership card. This can be applied for after 18th November and I will email all members with full details over the next few weeks. Please check out these links to see MUKs decisions.

Mark Pycraft            Comp-Sec

PLEASE check this link for more info, which will answer a lot of questions

Below is the letter MUK want sent to all competitive members.

New Motorsport UK RS Clubman licence from 2020
Dear Club Member,
We hope you are looking forward to the upcoming year.
We wanted to let you know that from January 2020, Motorsport UK will be introducing a
requirement for all competitors in Motorsport UK permitted events to hold a Motorsport UK
competition licence; in addition to your club membership. This will be at a minimum the new
RS Clubman licence, This applies to new competitors as well as to anyone previously
competing solely with a club membership card.
The good news is that this entry-level, RS Clubman licence, will now be free.
This initiative is being introduced by Motorsport UK to encourage participation at grass roots
level as well as to ensure that all competitors are covered by comprehensive public liability and
personal accident insurance. It replaces the Non-Race Clubman licence, (which in 2019 cost
£29). All licence holders will have access to the Member Benefits Programme which provides
substantial discounts on well-known brands’ products and services, and can offset the costs of
If you have not previously held a Competition licence or not renewed in 2019, it will also be a
requirement to apply for a new RS Clubman licence in order to compete or be a passenger in
Club events. This is free of charge and applicable to Autotests, Trials, Cross Country and Road
Rallying including 12 Cars and Scatters. Please note: an RS Clubman licence is not required if
you are already in possession of a current 2019 Competition licence.
You can apply for an RS Clubman licence from the Motorsport UK website from 18 November.
We wish you a safe and enjoyable year of motor sport in 2020.