A little history - established in 1983

ELRC was formed in 1983 by enthusiasts with an interest in all things Land Rover, and became a Limited Company in 1987.

The aims of the club are to promote events for Land Rovers, to encourage the use of these vehicles and their equipment for both competitive, practical and leisure purposes.

We are...

  a ‘Registered Motor Club’ with the Motor Sports Association, so are ‘permitted’ to host competitive events.

  a member of the Association of Land Rover Clubs (ALRC)

  a member of the ‘4×4 Response’ network

  affiliated to the Parish Paths Partnership for the maintenance and upkeep of rights of way around the county.

  a member of The Conservation Volunteers (TCV)

The club was formed as a family orientated organisation, and we maintain that ethos for all of our events.

Geoff Bunkle


35 years ago I went to my first ELRC AGM at Codham Mill (I missed the first one).

We used to gather for committee and AGM meetings at Brian and Monica’s Mill house opposite the Mill and then after a cuppa we would cross the road and “very carefully” go up the stairs into the Mill.

We sat on school type benches in the cold and dimly lit gloom of a very dusty atmosphere. The benches would periodically drive their feet through the very fragile floorboards. In those days Dave Bygrave would take the minutes in long hand word for word.

At about 10.00 pm we would return to the Mill House to thaw out. Monica and Audrey would produce the most amazing sandwiches, pastries and cakes. Then, after half an hour, we would return to the Mill where the meeting would continue sometimes into the small hours.

Geoff Bunkle
Former: Chairman, Competition Secretary, Membership Secretary, Rover Rescue Coordinator, Exploits Editor, Equipment Officer, Club shop.
Currently: A very proud President.

Committee - Dedicated, hard working volunteers

Keith Pocock


I’ve been a member of the club since 2010 when I bought my first Tdci Defender 90. I’ve had many Defenders and Disco’s over the years but they’ve all gone except for that first Silver 90 which I intend to keep. I have been involved with all the clubs activity’s, and I have a passion for anything off road - two wheels or four - and love RTV trialling, setting out TYRO events and watching new drivers discover what they and their machine can do.


Sue Coulson

Exploits Editor

I joined the club at Easter 21 years ago. Back then we just had a Discovery. I enjoyed Tyro’s and very soon we were collecting more Land Rovers.

Ralph bought me a Series 2 that I instantly named Truckle, and then I was RTVing. After Truckle I had Feegle, a truck cab 200TDi Defender, which gave me power steering, a revelation!

We have had some great laning holidays, particularly in Wales, when Ralph drove his LR and I drove my Discovery across the mountains.

Now I am a willing passenger for RTV's and CCV's and enjoy being out and about in Ralph's 90.


Ralph Coulson


Ralph is the Webmaster and is responsible for the design and maintenance of this site. At the 2022 AGM he also took over the role of Membership Secretary.

He can usually be seen in his distinctive red 90, Bosun's Mate or behind a camera taking photos for his website, bosuncam.org.uk


John Musham


I joined the club with my first Land Rover a Stage 1 V8, when my eldest was just a toddler (he is one of the scrutineers for the club now). My next car was 300tdi Disco, we now have a Series 2 Disco (V8) and a 1985 Defender. When we are not tinkering with the cars, you will mainly find me at trials, in friendly combat with my son to see who’s turn it was to pay for the takeaway on the way home (the runners up task), but we have been known to join the green laners & shows.


Steve Wood


I have been with the club for several years and although only owning a Land Rover (namely a Freelander 2) for just over a year, I have been involved in various areas of the club over the years including marshalling, shows, charity event support, Secretary, and also part of the 4x4 Response team.

I currently act as the MSA Child Safeguarding Officer for the club; one of my official roles for the Motorsport Association alongside being a Rescue Crew member which sees me providing safety and medical cover at stage rallies, sprints and cross country events.

Child Safeguarding

Alistair King

Laning Officer, RoW

After the recent request for a volunteer to step forward to organise the Laning trips, Alistair has volunteered to get this started again. He will be assisted in this role by Ian Barton, Ian Finch and Mike Morgan. Well done all!


Tim Wyman

Competition Secretary

Info to follow


Rob Watson

Shows Co-ordinator

I joined the club in 2020 after purchasing my first Land Rover as a lockdown project. I chose a 200tdi Defender 90 as it was the same as my brother and so I could always borrow parts when needed. Since joining the club I’ve taken part in Tyro’s and Green Laning.


Nigel Wood

Rover Rescue Co-ordinator

Nigel had his first Land Rover in 1984 and has owned 11 vehicles over the years, 1 x Series IIA, 1 x Series III, 5 x Discovery and 4 x Defenders. He joined the club about 16 years ago during a Discovery period. Nigel was shows co-ordinator for few years and then took over the Rover Rescue controller role from Kevin Hutchings. The Charity support role fitted in nicely with Rover Rescue activities so he manages that as well.



the Klub Mascot

I joined the Klub in 2020 as the Mascot, although I have been on many visits previously. You can often find me at trials, watching closely the antics of drivers and for those trees that keep jumping out!

I have been unlucky enough to go home with some drivers, but my natural habitat is in the woodlands. I am looking forward to joining you in the many shows ELRC take part in, and seeing my cousins as you drive round the green lanes of Essex and beyond.