Rights of Way/Laning Officer – Vacancies Filled

We are very pleased to announce that Terry Taylor has agreed to take on the role of Rights of Way Officer, assisted by Ian Goodall in the Laning Officer role.

Huge thanks to both of them – this now means that Green Laning will start to happen again soon. It is anticipated that there will be a couple of trips organised between now and the end of the year. Check out the Laning page for details as they become available in the next couple of weeks.


This coming weekend – Driving Weekend Sudbury 21st / 22nd August – everyone is welcomed

This event is FREE to all members of the Club and families & friends welcome to come along and find out the different functions that the club provides. There is a nominal charge for additional Drivers and Guests Vehicles. Passengers are free.


Off Road driving

  • the site offers a range of safe challenges to suit all vehicles and try out your driving skills and what your vehicle is capable of doing with the different gear sticks, buttons or dials. We expect there to be loads of fellow drivers around to ask advice, in both driving to vehicle maintenance.
  • Hill climbing and descending practice and training session being held at 11am and 2pm on both days, just tell us when you arrive that you want to join in.

Trials driving

  • try driving some of the non-scoring sections in typical TYRO / RTV courses, set to test your driving skills – suitable for all types of Land Rovers and experience. Advise provided.
  • Young/unlicenced drivers 13+ can have ago – please let us know in advance.

Winch and rescue recovery

  • Land Rovers and their winches in action. Advise and demonstrations of how to use your winch and safe recovery with ropes.

Green Laning

  • Regular trips around the Essex / Suffolk countryside, to explore the local lanes, so you can try out green laning in your Land Rover.

Camping (& caravanning)

  • will be available on the site for the Saturday night in the woodland (nominal charge).

Club Shop & Charity fund raising

  • we still have some merchandise left, stickers, t-shirts etc
  • Raffle with some great prizes. separate raffles being drawn on Saturday and again on Sunday. 

PLEASE DO JOIN US AND HELP MARSHAL, both around the site and on the gates.


The event is open to members, their families, and friends – so come along for a weekend of fun and Land Rovers in action. If you know of other Land Rover owners who may be interested in joining the Club, let them know and book them in for a nominal fee of £5 on the day.

If you can book in prior to the weekend, this gives us some idea of numbers (although you may turn up on the day).


Hope to see you on the day.