Matt at Sudbury has asked me to forward this to ELRC members.

SLROC is running a Punch Hunt on the 23rd April.

This is an open event to everyone with a Land Rover 4X4.

There are 2 classes

  • Any Land Rover vehicle with up to one off road assistance ie 1 winch are class 1.
  • Anything more than 1 assistance is class 2 (eg 5 winches and yes some of them have that many!).


Gates open at 08:30 scrutineering starts at 09:00 with the event starting at 10:00.


Entry is £25 plus £5 per passenger (you will NEED at passenger) the event is being run under Slroc insurance, but it’s Matt’s event he has run many before.

So what’s a Punch Hunt?

An orienteering card with 40 numbers is attached to your passenger door mirror, you then have to maneuver you 4X4 to the orienteering punch and the punch the correct number on the card.

The punches attached to trees on a length of string and colour coded,

  • Green 5 points
  • Yellow 10 points
  • Red 15 points

Or something very similar. A Green punch could be behind a tree just off the track, but a red you might need 3 winches to get to.
I have done 3 of the these events in the past and they are great fun. You drive all day.

You can work as a team, may have to attach a tow rope or two to you mates truck and help lower them down a slope so they can stop to get a punch and then swap over or you have to us your or your team mates winch and so on.

All of the regular RTV and CCV driver would enjoy this event it is a great day out.

If you are interested in taking part, please let me know via email so that I can let Matt know numbers.

Keith – Chairman

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