The dates for the trials competitions and off road driving events are as follows and we are planning on running a Tyro / RTV and CCV every month, except August where we will be having our off road drive it day event again

Date Venue Event
January 15 – 16th Jan Twinney Wood
February 19 – 20th Feb Sudbury Area 1
March 19 – 20th Mar TBA
April 16 – 17th April Sudbury Area 2 Easter
May 14 – 15th May TBA
June 2nd – 5th June TBA Nationals
June 18 – 19th June TBA
July 16- 17th July TBA
August 20 – 21st Aug Sudbury Drive it day
September 10 – 11th Sept TBA
October 8 – 9th Oct TBA
November 5 – 6th Nov TBA
November 13th Nov Sudbury CCV Interclub
December 3rd Dec Sudbury Area 1 Day into Night
December 27th Dec Sudbury Shakedown

Due to the size of Sudbury we have decided to split the site into two areas, so the same ground is not used on consecutive events

Full details to follow nearer the time….

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