Message from the New Committee

Dear Members,

It has been another difficult year for us all with the pandemic and lock downs, however we did manage to put on some events. The ELRC Committee have continued working behind the scenes, all are volunteers, working tirelessly for you. The Club is run by its members for its members and the New Committee is sorry that once again this year, you have been unable to air your views at the AGM, which should have been tonight.

There have been a number of members who have expressed their thought and concerns this week, via social media, emails and calls, we, as the New Committee will take on board these views.

We are always looking for volunteers to help out at events and to join the Committee, we have a number of tasks most are not too onerous, so if you would like to take a more active role, including the opportunity to take on the role as Chair, please message us via the Contacts page on the website or to

The New Committee

ALRC Notification – Payments for log booking

We have had a recent communication from the ALRC about payments for log booking of CCV and Comp Safari vehicles. Please see below:-

At the ALRC Council meeting held on the 12 June 2021 the issue of payment for the log booking of CCVT / Comp Safari vehicles was discussed as there have been several payments that have not been able to be processed.

In future all payments should be made in cash to the log book scrutineer at the time of the check taking place – £5 for a five year re-check and £10 for the second signature on a new build.  Payments for any changes of name and address should still be sent direct to Dennis Wright.

Booking now open for Little Baddow Tyro / RTV and CCV Trials Competition Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th July


A friendly welcome to all members to attend and take part as driver or passenger, so come along and enjoy another great weekend of landrovers in action.

Site name: Little Baddow

When: Tyro Saturday 10th July, meeting opens at 10 am and the competition starts at 11.30am and finishes circa 4.30pm

RTV and CCV Sunday 11th July, meeting opens at 8.30am and the competition starts at 9.30am and finishes circa 4.30pm

Setting out the trial is on the day of the trial, starting at 8am, so if you want to come along and help, please arrive early. Guidance to all is provided…

Location: Approximately 3 miles from Chelmsford, in a wooded site. If you haven’t been here before, please ask for directions; see below.

Booking in Driver info – closing date for entries is 6pm on Friday 9th July.

Shared drives always welcomed

Please follow these steps to book in and pay:

Before logging into the online booking and payment form all drivers and passengers need:

A MSUK licence, which is free, so if you need one, please visit You get a confirmation e mail by return, with your licence number and the actual membership card etc by post. You only need your licence number to book in.

Be members of ELRC or an ALRC club, so if you need to join please see

Go to the online booking page and complete both sections….



Once completed the on line system will send you confirmation by e mail, as well as booking you in with the Comp Secs. There is no need to contact the Comp Secs….

The closing date / time for all entries is 6pm on Friday 9th July and due to MSUK rules, no on the day entries are allowed.


You will need a MSUK licence to book in with your driver, which is free, so if you need one, please visit You get a confirmation e mail by return, with your licence number and the actual membership card etc by post. You only need your licence number to book in with your driver. Drivers with passengers are jointly responsible for compliance with the Covid guidelines…

Shared drives welcomed – please see Covid advice section

Entry fee per driver is £20 for the Tyro and £25 for the RTV or CCV – please book in and pay on line…………

New drivers always welcome – guidance and advice available

Come along to help run the event

If you want to come along and help at the event as a spotter marshal for the scorer, then you will be most welcome. Just complete the online form, which is required for insurance and Covid reasons……..helping is free and most welcomed!

Helpers and spotters please complete this online form for insurance purposes

Covid 19 Precautions

The MSUK and their insurers have provided specific guidelines which we must follow….The event will be run in line with Government social distancing advice etc. For shared drives, please wipe down the control surfaces etc when changing drivers.

Spectators are welcomed, with good places to watch the action

Drivers – please bring your own sanitiser and face mask!

Social distancing rules apply……

Site description: the site provides a choice of climbs, wide ditches, streams and uneven ground, tracks and open ground, providing an excellent safe combination for both driver and vehicle. Safe viewing of all the action for spectators and drivers.

Driver rating:

Terrain                                   ******

Access                                    *****

Competition                            ******

Refreshments – please bring your own.

Directions – if you need them, please e mail us on so we can send you a map

Car parking – lots of parking and please park your car or trailer in the marked car parking area. Then it’s a short walk into the woods. Only completing or marshals vehicles allowed into the wood please…..


Toilet info – alas none, but plenty of unused areas so please be discreet

Vehicle suitability.

The Tyro is suitable for all landrovers old and new

The RTV is suitable for all landrovers old and new, but mud tyres are recommended or  mixed terrain tyres that allow progress in the muddy parts…..

The CCV is suitable for all ALRC log booked vehicles.

For more info on vehicle suitability and minimum driver age requirements please see

All vehicles have a basic safety check prior to competing and for more information please see

A set of competition rules and guidelines are available on the club’s web site.

Need more information or help on trialling or how to enter or is my landrover suitable for trialling or how to become a marshal? Then please e mail or call Keith or Tim on 07530 721977

Next Trial dates

21st – 22nd August – Driving Day at Sudbury

11th – 12th September – Sudbury

9th – 10th October – to be advised

6th – 7th November – Twinney Wood

Saturday 4th December– Day into Night, Sudbury.

Monday 27th  December– Christmas Driving Day, Sudbury

2022 – Trials planned for every month!



Results Twinney Woods June 2021

Another great weekend trialing, this time with lots or loads of mud……

Many thanks for the marshals for making the event happen and these are the results:

Tyro Twinney Wood June 2021
Name S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S7 S8 S9 S10 S11 S12 Class Score OA Place
John Musham 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 SWB 2 1st
Paul Johnson 0 1 0 0 0 0 8 0 0 1 SWB 10  2nd
Ian Finch 7 0 6 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 SWB 15 3rd
Etham Musham 4 3 6 0 0 7 0 0 0 1 LWB 21 1st LWB
Tom Hands 4 4 6 0 1 0 0 6 0 1 LWB 22
John Cronjaeger 1 8 11 0 2 0 0 6 0 1 SWB 29
Phil Johnson 4 0 10 0 2 10 0 6 0 1 LWB 33 2nd LWB
Josh Richardson 6 0 8 0 2 0 11 6 5 1 LWB 39
RTV Twinney Wood June 2021
Name S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S7 S8 S9 S10 S11 S12 Class Score OA Place
David Wyman 1 6 0 3 1 0 1 1 SWB 13 1st
Martin Hinch 0 6 0 3 2 0 2 1 SWB 14 2nd
Keith Pocock 1 5 0 3 2 0 2 1 SWB 14 3rd
Karl Reilly 1 6 3 3 5 0 0 2 SWB 20
Tim Wyman 2 7 4 3 2 0 2 1 SWB 21
Heather Pycraft 1 6 4 4 2 0 3 4 SWB 24
Tim Dyer 1 6 9 3 2 0 2 4 LWB 27
Cliff Pountney 0 6 6 3 2 10 1 1 SWB 29 1st LWB
Roger Johnson 6 6 5 3 5 0 2 6 SWB 33
Mark Pycraft 0 6 6 3 2 7 2 9 SWB 35
Wayne Bailey 7 6 5 3 2 10 1 1 SWB 35
Ian Barton 4 6 4 3 2 7 2 9 SWB 37
Trevor Hannington 1 3 5 3 5 10 3 8 SWB 38
Vince Maddox 4 6 6 5 5 8 3 8 SWB 45
Alex Barton 1 6 6 3 9 10 3 8 SWB 46
Martyn King 4 8 9 4 7 8 6 6 LWB 52