SROC 2 day CCV team trial postponed until 2021

Whilst the news that Motorsport UK is looking to restart motorsport in the UK from 1st July is fantastic news, SROC does not feel that the restrictions will have been lifted enough to allow our 2-Day CCV Team Trial to run. Events may start in July, but these will be with restrictions; neither passengers nor spectators will be allowed, no vehicle sharing and events laid out to avoid risk to name but a few. With the 2-Day being one of the premier events on the ALRC calendar, we do not feel what is a team event can run and do it’s challenging nature justice. Added to this it is unlikely overnight stays will be allowed by then and there is also the morality of encouraging people to travel around the country whilst we are all still dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

We have therefore decided to postpone this year’s event until next year, 7th & 8th August 2021 when we will return to Knowle Farm for two days of great trialling. Please keep an eye on our website in the new year for the SR’s and entry, or email the Event Director at and ask to be sent a copy when they are published.

Although this will be disappointing to those of you that have tried the event and know how good it is, we hope you will agree that it is the responsible decision.