– If you haven’t received your MSUK RS Clubman license before the first event, please bring along a printed copy of either the temporary license emailed by MSUK or the email acknowledgement of the application. If you have received neither prior to the event, and you applied more than 15 working days ago, please contact the MSUK Membership Services Team on 01753 765050 for advice.

MSUK will require all drivers and passengers age 18 and over to hold an RS Clubman license from 1st Jan 2020. The license is free, no picture required and no medical required if you are fit to drive.
Its straight forward if you are a British citizen. If you are not you will require an  authorisation from your National body.

This can be done online at https://rsclubman.motorsportuk.org/ 

or this is a link is to printable form and  03_CLUBMAN_FORM  

Despite the increase in MSUK permit fees the committee decided to keep fees for competitive entry as they are until the AGM in June. Members will have to discuss and vote on any change in event entry fees, as per club rules at the AGM.

Mark Pycraft            Comp-Sec

PLEASE check this link for more info, which will answer a lot of questions


Below is the letter MUK want sent to all competitive members.



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