Scrutineering Information

Vehicle scrutineering is for the safety of competitors, officials and spectators – it is a basic check undertaken before all competitive events.

Before all competitive events our scrutineer will check your vehicle for safety.  It may also be checked for eligibility, to see that it is in line with event requirements and the published regulations.  However, it is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure their vehicle is safe, eligible for the event being entered and clean enough for the scrutineer to check.

For your own safety and others at the event, vehicles have to be checked before being allowed to compete.

Basic requirements for all competitive events are a front and rear recovery point, recovery rope, a return spring on the last link of the carburettor to a fixed point (most vehicles already have this), and a secure battery.  For a full list of checks made see the rear of the event entry form. or see the Scrutineering ChecklistClub Supplementary Regulations have vehicle and driver eligibility regulations, and the complete vehicle regulations are on the ALRC website ( . Also ever to the FAQ section for further details. See also the new Q Class regulation.

If you fail scrutineering you will be given the opportunity to correct the fault on site and re-present it for scrutineering before the trial starts.

For minor defects the scrutineer may give you an advisory warning for something that you will need to attend to before the next trial. If you re-present your vehicle at the next trial with the same faults you are unlikely to be allowed to enter the trial.

This is for everybody’s safety and for insurance purposes. An unsafe vehicle could injure its driver, passenger, event officials or a spectator.

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