How To Get Involved, and What’s Required.

To become a member of Rover Rescue we ask that you are already an Essex Land Rover Club member, and have some off road driving experience. You can be trained to use your vehicle in off road conditions at one of our training days if you are not sure, or just want a refresher. If you own a Land Rover that’s great but it’s not a requirement to be a member of Essex Rover Rescue, some members do drive other makes of 4×4 vehicles. This only applies to Rover Rescue so if you are interested in participating in other club events such as trialling, a Land Rover product is a must.

There is a standard set of equipment we expect to be carried when on a call so you can assist others as well as getting yourselves out of a difficult situation should you need to.

We ask you to be able to effectively assess a situation that you may be sent to and decide if you can help with the incident or whether you need further assistance from other group members.

We ask, and expect, a professional attitude as you will be dealing with other services and the public. You will need to be polite and friendly and capable of doing what is asked of you. That is one of the reasons for having the training days so you can learn from others and be part of a professional group.

You need to be patient as we often have a lot of waiting at times and even in a busy period you may not be called upon depending on what is required and where.

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