Rover Rescue

Rover Rescue is part of Essex Land Rover Club and also affiliated to the National 4×4 Response Network. We are a member of the Essex Resilience Forum and recognised by Essex County Emergency planning team. We are available 24/7 to assist not only the emergency planning team but other orgaisations as well when 4 wheel drive vehicles are required. The team would mainly be used during times of extreme weather but our off road capability also gives us the ability to move personnel or equipment to remote locations at any time of the year.

Over past years we have provided transport to nurses, doctors and other health professionals who otherwise might not be able to get to patients, we have delivered meals on wheels and taken carers out on their rounds. Occasionally ambulances get stuck in the snow and we are able to assist in the recovery of these to get them back in to service quickly.

The group is made up of volunteers who freely offer the use of their vehicles and time.

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