Supplementary Regulations

The full SR’s, containing event specific regulations are part of the entry form, and can be found here.

Supplementary Regulations

A – General Regulations

The Easter 2018 Interclub is promoted by Essex Land Rover Club Ltd between Friday 30th March and Sunday 1st April 2018. All classes of event will be held at Essex Gateway, Thurrock, Essex (Site entrance grid reference TQ578792) often referred to as ‘Arena Essex’.

The following MSA affiliated off road clubs have been invited to participate.

  • Anglian Rover Owners Club
  • Anglian Land Rover Club
  • Beds Herts & Cambs LRC
  • Breckland Land Rover Club
  • Chiltern Vale Land Rover Club
  • Lea Valley Land Rover Owners Club
  • Southern Rover Owners Club
  • Suffolk Land Rover Owners Club
  • Suffolk 4WD Club

The whole event is to be held under the General Regulations of the MSA Ltd (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA) and these Supplementary Regulations.
All event entrants must be members of an MSA Ltd recognised motorsports club.

A2.0 Event Cancellation

Essex Land Rover Club will make every endeavour not to cancel all or any part of the event. If, however, an event must be cancelled, officials and pre-booked drivers will be advised by phone or e-mail, and a sign erected at the site entrance for other entrants.

A3.0 Eligibility&Event Regulations

All entrants and their passengers/navigators must be full members of the organising or invited clubs and have a valid competitive club membership card signed with the MSA endorsement. Non ALRC specification vehicles from invited clubs will be admitted to the class deemed most appropriate by the scrutineer. All vehicles should carry a tow/recovery rope with suitable attachments for use during the event. RTV vehicles must have a current Vehicle and Operator Services Agency MOT test certificate where required by law: and vehicle excise license. CCV vehicles will need to have a roll cage meeting MSA minimum requirements. Axle diff locks and ‘fiddle brakes’ may only be fitted to a vehicle if they are demonstrably disabled to the satisfaction of the scrutineer – these may be rechecked at any time during the event by the scrutineer. Dumper type tyres are not permitted on any vehicles. Team vehicles may be driven by more than one team entry.

Drivers in all events need not have a full driving licence, provided that they have a passenger who has a full UK driving licence, and who is experienced in trials driving.

The event will be run in accordance with the regulations published in the 2017 ALRC yearbook, free to all ALRC club members, and available from the event Secretary and Steward.

The event details are available on www.elrc.info and there will be a drivers briefing before the events commence.

A4.0 Trial Entry & Signing On

Entries may be submitted prior to the event, and a limited number of entries will be accepted on the day, subject to an additional fee (as set out on the entry form). Signing on for all events will run concurrent to scrutineering on the morning of the event.

A5.0 Scrutineering

All scrutineering will take place in the designated area of the campsite or event paddocks during the times described in the event specific supplementary regulations

A6.0 Description and Classifications

Classes will be those designated by the ALRC, but may be amalgamated to suit the number of entries.

A7.0 Competitor Identification

Self adhesive number(s) may be provided for each entrant for all events. These are to be clearly attached, as directed at signing on, to the vehicle.

A8.0 Scoring

Scoring sections will be as per the ALRC regulations. The Marshals decision is final.

A9.0 Prizes

Easter interclub 2018 Supplementary Regulations

Prize giving will take place by the signing on tent, unless otherwise note for specific events. Up to 4 entries per class – 1st place trophy only
Up to 8 entries per class – 1st & 2nd place trophies
More than 8 entries per class – 1st, 2nd & 3rd place trophies

No monetary prizes will be awarded

A10.0 Results

Final Results will be displayed in the administration area of the camp site (timing control for the comp safari) at the end of the event for examination for 30 minutes prior to presentation of the results. Prizes will be awarded on the same day as the event.

A11.0 Maintenance & Re-fuelling

All maintenance is to be undertaken over sheeting to protect the ground from contamination by vehicle fluids and the like, and to ensure that no debris from vehicles is left on the ground. Re-fuelling is not allowed on site; all vehicles must be fuelled ready for the event, or taken off site to be re-fuelled. ALL waste is to be taken home by the competitor.

Washing vehicles on site is not permitted, except by the permission of the event secretary.

A12.0 Complaints & Appeals

- Marshals are judges of fact.
- The CoC’s decision is final.
- Appeals must be submitted in writing to the event secretary with a £50 fee, as soon as possible and before prizes are awarded. The fee will be refunded should the appeal be upheld. If the appeal is rejected the £50 fee will be donated to the Essex Air Ambulance.

A 13.0 Site Safety

Please observe a 20mph speed limit on the access road, 10mph on the competition site and a 5mph speed limit on the camp site.


~ End Of General Regulations ~ 

 The full SR’s, containing event specific regulations are part of the entry form, and can be found here.

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