We provide occasional training days for driving, use of winches, skills for Rover Rescue and for setting out trials – run by members and guest speakers.

Rover Rescue Training

Our Rover Rescue members go to the aid of the emergency and social services, as well as potentially members of the public. Before attending being called upon we require our members to have received basic training and also have their capabilities assessed.  We run at least one annual training day that includes vehicle recovery techniques for both winch equipped and basic vehicles, map reading and location finding, and team communication.

Via the Rover Rescue Group, but not necessarily provided by ELRC, we have arranged for first aid training and certification, search & rescue training, and vehicle recovery. These are not compulsory, and provide an extra dimension to using and enjoying your Land Rover.

Contact our Rover Rescue Coordinator for more Information

Clerk of the Course & Marshals (for 4×4 trials)

Our trials (Tyro, RTV & CCV) are all run by a Clerk of the Course (CoC), aided by a band of volunteer marshals.

We run occasional training sessions to show people what’s involved in setting out a trial, how the run, and what goes on behind the scenes.  And, importantly, what happens if something goes wrong.

The training day usually includes a briefing element, and a practice as setting out, followed by a club event the following day.  We run these sessions more be demand than to any fixed schedule. We always need more CoCs, so if please let us know if you would like us to arrange a training day.

Contact our Competition Secretary for more Information

Off Road Driving

We don’t generally run specific driver training sessions, but will do offer guidance and assistance at all of our events.  If you have never driven off  road before, or have not entered a trial some of our ‘older hands’ will guide you along. When you get to an event, have a chat to any of the officials, and we’ll be more than willing to help.

We usually run one driver practice day each year when we open a site for you to drive around, and set out a few trials sections that you can try.

Map skills

For greenlining and Rover Rescue, good map skills are important. Our rights of way officer has run training sessions in the past, both on Ordnance Survey paper maps, and also on how to use MultiMap, which seems to be the preferred software tool for most people.

Training events are organised when people let us know that they would like some training. There is no fixed schedule!   We also have our monthly social meetings where there are usually people on hand to help you with any mapping type questions.

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