Rally Marshalling

Some of our members are active in the rally marshalling scene, some of whom are licensed recovery units. Working across the country they attend many events, including those organised by our local car clubs.

Essex Land Rover Club have members that get involved in Rally Marshalling. Some are official recovery marshals who often work with, or along side, medical/rescue teams.

There are various registers of marshals that motor sport organisers use to contact volunteers, and the MSA website has further information on how to get involved at both track and rally events.

Further information is also available from AMRO, the Association of Motorsport Recovery Operators.

If you want to get involved as a marshal, please get in touch with Nigel our Rover Rescue contact, who also coordinates marshalling activities.

Event Organisers

If you are an event organiser trying to round up marshals for your event, please contact Nigel and provide as much information as you can, and as early as possible so that we can let our members know about your event.

Our club magazine, Exploits, can be used to publicise your event either to attract spectators or marshals. Please contact our editor, Dave Bruce – event adverts may be included at the editors discretion.

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