Offering to Help at a Show

By completing the form below you are offering to help at a show. We will contact you prior to a forthcoming show, although entry cannot be guaranteed at an event. Shows may be cancelled or changed which is beyond the control of our shows co-ordinator.

If you subsequently find that you are unable to attend the event indicated please inform the shows co-ordinator by e-mail as soon as possible. Please note that your name will also be listed on the member attendee list on our website.

Driver Details

Please enter the total number of attendees in the vehicle, including the driver.

Contact Details

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Event Details

Select the Show you are able to attend.

Vehicle Details

Please give a brief description of your vehicle.( e.g. Defender 90, Disco 2, Series 109, Freelander etc.)
So that we can identify you at the meeting point

Additional Information

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