Membership of the club is open to everyone with an interest in Land Rovers and entitles members to participate in club activities and gain discounts offered by supporting organisations.

Click on link below to download Membership Application

ELRC Membership Form for new applications

2018 Renewal Form for existing Members continuing their membership through 2018

Membership Fees

ELRC is a family club, and we have structured our membership fees to keep costs to a minimum where we can. We recognise that the definition of a family is not always the stereotypical 2 parents with 2.4 children.

We offer individual membership or family membership.  Within the definition of family we see two adults, children, and ‘young adults’ still resident and dependent on their parents.

  Joining Jan – June Joining July – September Joining October to December
Individual £30.00 £15.00 £30.00 including the following full year
Family £40.00 £20.00 £40.00 including the following full year

We renew all memberships in January each year. If Membership of the Club lapses a full year’s subscription fee is payable regardless of re-joining date.

Our membership form identifies a number of categories of family member:

  • Individual Membership – Only the named individual is considered to be the Primary Member of the Club and is able to enjoy such benefits as that may provide, e.g. drive.
  • Family Membership – An additional adult person (Secondary Member) at the same address as the Primary Member. Both Members are considered full members of the club, and are able to enjoy such benefits as that may provide e.g. drive.
    This also covers any children up to the age of 17 years and young adults in full time education who may wish to drive. Added to this grade of Membership can be any number of dependents (partner and/or children) who are not eligible to drive at events, e.g. non-drivers.
  • Additional Family Member – A family member over 18 years eligible to compete, e.g. drive or passenger, who is a dependent of the Primary Member resident at the same address as the Primary Member.
  • Recognition of Family Members and Date of Birth – So as to enable all children, spouses and non-drivers i.e. dependents, to camp at ALRC events, and have insurance cover, the names of all family members registered with ELRC will be listed on the Primary Member’s card. Dates of birth are required for those under 18 years old.

Where under 18’s are entering an event as a driver or passenger a parent or guardian will need to accompany them.

What you get for your membership

  • We publish the club magazine, Exploits,  every two months (a family membership gets a single copy).
  • Discounts from suppliers that advertise with us
  • Access to all events that we host – competitive events, camping weekend, social events, green lane trips, country shows where we put on a display, and assisting our support of charity events
  • Affiliation to the Association of Land Rover Clubs, and through that, access to other ALRC member club events.
  • Club windscreen sticker

Rover Rescue

See the Rover Rescue pages for more detail Click here

This group is a sub-set of the club, and are volunteers whose purpose is to assist the emergency authorities during times when they may need additional four-wheel drive vehicles.

Membership of this group is optional, but is dependent on being a member of ELRC.

Processing of Membership Applications

Membership applications are processed and membership fee cheques are cashed monthly. Introduction packs containing membership cards, car stickers and fee receipt may not be received for four to six weeks.

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